13 – 14 November 2017, Antalya, Turkey: UNCTAD MENA Participates at the Autumn Conference on Consumer Protection

E-Commerce and Complaint Handling Workshop


E-commerce is a vehicle to accelerate economic growth. Delegates will learn about the opportunities it brings to citizens and businesses; the barriers you will encounter and the importance of regulation in overcoming many of these barriers. Informed consumers – empowered with knowledge of their legal rights – are a driver to better business compliance, which in turns promotes trust in ecommerce. We will explore the concept of Regional Complaint Handling: an opportunity to deliver a world leading consumer protection system, greater crossborder trade and more! Consumer Protection is relatively new to some countries and so we will also touch on the relationship between regulator and regulated. The workshop will be an opportunity for countries / delegates to share
their experiences of implementing government policy to promote ecommerce.