18 – 19 October 2018, Lisbon, Portugal: UNCTAD MENA Participates at the V Lisbon Conference on Competition Law and Economics

UNCTAD MENA Participates at the V Lisbon Conference on Competition Law and Economics

Lisbon Conference on Competition Law and Economics continues its previous tradition of hosting renowned practitioners of competition law to discuss on topical issues, which are of significant importance to not only competition agencies, but private practice and sector regulators. Tackling cross-cutting issues through a multi stakeholder approach provides for a venue that gives a holistic approach of the implications of competition law enforcement.

UNCTAD is the focal point on all work related to Competition Policy and Consumer Protection within the United Nations system. The mandate, which dates from to the adoption of the UN Set recognizes that the basic norms of competition law should extend to the operations of enterprises, including TNCs, in developing countries. In compliance with its mandate, UNCTAD has been engaged in technical assistance and capacity building projects across the world. UNCTAD’s MENA Programme on regional integration through competition and consumer protection for the Middle East and North Africa supports the participation of MENA officials to the V Lisbon Conference on Competition Law and Economics to contribute to peer learning and enhance the development of human resources in competition agencies.

The event will focus on new approaches to Competition law enforcement due to the fast-paced digitalization facing the global economy. Vertical consolidation in the media market and the stability of the financial system confronted with innovation challenges will be addressed by renowned professionals, practicing dominantly in the European environment.

This high-level conference will be attended by Mr. Ridha Ben Mahmoud, President of the Competition Council of Tunisia. The bilateral relationships as established in the Association Agreement EU-Tunisia, and the close trade relationship (EU is Tunisia’s largest trading partner), it is of paramount importance for Tunisian officials to get accustomed on the new trends of competition law enforcement in the jurisdiction they have significant ties.

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